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Our terroir


Terroir is a very large word merging different notions as soil, climate, exposure, human actions and adaptation of varieties to their environment.
A significant knowledge of all those interactions leads to the creation of Noble Wines.


Eymas family farms 15 hectares of vine around the family house since several generation as well as three isolated patches of 5 hectares across towns around Bourg. Along the years, they learnt and are still learning to handle at best this vineyard... because nothing is never acquired... everything is evolving!!!


The estate enjoy a perfect exposure South, swept across by winds brushing the first slope of the Côtes de Bourg, dominating the Dordogne river. Defined as the "little Switzerland of Gironde", the Côtes de Bourg have an incredible topographical complexity. So, the vine of the Château Gros Moulin are planted on parcels alternating clay and limestone and sandy clay soils.


Drapeau Chinois
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